Optimising Customer Acquisition Cost in a Digital World

June 4, 2019 | 2:00 PM
Optimising CAC in a digital world

The world has changed more in the last decade than at any other point in time, but many businesses are still trying to apply traditional models to a new way of working.

Have you run the numbers yet? Do you know how expensive your sales team are? How much they take from the bottom line?

I'll show you the economics of sales in the new world and explain the latest in sales strategies that will give your business a repeatable, scalable, and manageable sales generation process.

As Peter Caputa, current CEO of Databox, and former HubSpot Exec says...


So, if software is looking at coded solutions to making sales rather than sales teams, what is your business going to be doing?

How can you make sure your business is primed for the 2020s and not stuck in the 1990s?

By attending this webinar!

Join me in this webinar, where I'll be discussing:

  • The undeniable change in modern day selling and how you need to catch up to maintain your competitiveness.
  • Who the new B2B buyer is (hint: it's not the guy with the grey hair in the suit)
  • How to reduce your customer acquisition cost and increase your ability to land more sales (the proof is in the numbers)
  • What your key bottleneck is in growing your business (1 metric is all you need to study)
  • The 8 step strategy that is sky rocketing lifetime value and sales conversions

And then I'll finish off with a Q&A session. Join me, it'll be insightful, I guarantee it.


About the Presenter

Alex ThackrayAlex Thackray

Leadfreak, MD

Alex is the Managing Director here at Leadfreak. An MBA qualified Engineer, Alex worked with multi-national engineering and manufacturing companies, establishing an effective sales performance in regions across the world.

Now at Leadfreak, Alex deploys his sales experience in devising logical yet creative sales and marketing strategies for B2B organisations who want to sell complex products.

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