Leadfreak Academy

We'll train your team to become experts in digital sales with our Aston University accredited programmes.


Businesses often lack the knowledge and expertise to carry out successful digital campaigns in-house, so they end up spending more on outsourcing the work to specialist agencies.

If you give your team the confidence they need through high-quality training, your bottom line will improve and your sales strategy will be a force to be reckoned with.
Well-informed businesses can leverage platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads to great success.

However, it's understandable why so many businesses still shy away from using these platforms. An improperly-executed Google or Facebook advertising campaign can be a huge money drain on your business and produce exactly zero results.

How do you make sure your team has the expertise to enforce a successful digital sales strategy that won't sink your entire marketing budget?

Think. Do. Teach

We know how to strategise, implement, and analyse successful digital campaigns. We can teach your team to do the same.
We have a huge amount of experience in creating digital strategy and in putting successful campaigns into practice. We manage the whole process for a large number of our clients, but we’re also happy to pass on our knowledge to businesses who want to implement their campaigns in-house.

With that in mind, we built the Leadfreak Academy in collaboration with one of the UK’s highest-ranked MBA programmes. Aston University’s MBA students complete their Leadfreak Academy training as an integral part of their programme, because the university recognises how crucial these skills are in achieving a complete, successful business education.

We’re currently running two extensive online courses for Aston’s MBA cohort: Facebook Ads Excellence and Google Ads Excellence. Now we’ve decided to open up a select number of spaces outside of the MBA programme to businesses who want their sales teams to share the same level of digital expertise.

Leadfreak Academy Enrolment

Simple Steps to Achieving Expert Status


Get in touch to apply for enrolment. Choose between individual courses or full access, and select your number of team members.


Once approved, you will receive immediate access to the Leadfreak Academy training platform, on which your team members will complete 10 detailed modules in each course. Modules can be completed at your business’ own pace, and you will retain access to all materials once completed.


At the end of a course, trainees will undertake an extensive final assessment. Once passed, they will be awarded the Leadfreak Academy certificate as proof of their expertise, and will have the skills to apply their knowledge to countless future campaigns.


Limited spaces only, so apply for yours now.
1 seat, 1 course
1 seat, full access
3 seats, 1 course
3 seats, full access

Case Study

Aston University

The business school at Aston University use the Leadfreak Academy to educate their MBA students into digital sales experts. They recognise that the ability to run successful digital campaigns is crucial for good business strategy.

We link Aston MBA students with real businesses to apply their new skills as part of their course.

Need your team to perform at the top of their game?