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Pull your data into one place so you can track performance and discover insights in real-time.

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Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed. You're spending valuable financial and time resources, make sure you know how effective your work is and understand what's working for your business. Our 10 page live dashboard report gives you a landscape view of your marketing and sales performance.
We think of our ideas as hypothesis. If I do 'X', then I think we'll see 'Y', e.g. If I run a LinkedIn campaign to my market I'll see a 10% increase in conversions.

In order to prove the hypothesis we need the data infrastructure to benchmark, measure, and report our results.

Our marketing and sales data reporting service creates this data infrastructure and pulls all your data points into one dashboard report that allows you to understand in real-time what is happening.

We then analyse and report on a monthly basis what you need to do next and the opportunities that are waiting for you to capitalise on.

Your results are what matter

We don't deal in subjectivity, our results are displayed through cold, hard numbers.
Data supports every decision we make and is the backbone of our digital strategy. We don't prioritise vanity metrics.

As our data partner you get access to a 10 page live dashboard report that integrates with multiple platforms so you can see for yourself the performance of your digital activities.

We then crunch the numbers and give you our recommendations both in the report and in a monthly call.

As a digital agency focused on sales, the key outputs of our work is sales impact on your business, and we happily report on this too.

Your Data Partnership

As a data partner, we'll give you access to all the data you'll ever need.
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We're open and transparent with our pricing. Here it is!
per month
Our data partnership is based on a monthly rate. We have one rate, we don't look to charge you more if you're a larger company.

Our monthly fee involves access to your live 10 page data dashboard, monthly recommendations, and a monthly conference call.

Do you want a neutral data report that shows you your actual performance. We deliver it.

Case Study

illapa Cloud
We've been working with illapa Cloud from the start of their journey. Nothing beats rapid growth like a well informed team, experienced in their industry, a great idea, and an ambition to change the world. With the illapa team that is what we got.

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