Amazon Voice Skills

Capitalise on the next wave of intent based platforms before your competition

Amazon have sold "tens of millions of Alexa-enabled devices worldwide" according to the retail giant. £5 billion worth of voice commerce is expected in the UK alone in 2022 according to OC&C. You're definitely in first-mover advantage territory by utilising voice enabled capabilities within your marketing mix.
The first movers on Facebook now dominate the platform. The first movers on Instagram are making a killing. The first-movers on Youtube have sparked a generation of wannabe Youtube stars.

Now is the time for you to make your first move into voice enabled technology as it rapidly grows.

As your voice-enabling partner, we can build your Amazon voice skill that puts you inside the office and the home of your customers. Feeding personalised information and being the go-to expert in your industry.

Alexa, should we build an Amazon skill for our clients... Undoubtedly, yes!

Your results are what matter

We don't deal in subjectivity, our results are displayed through cold, hard numbers.
Data supports every decision we make and is the backbone of our digital strategy. We don't prioritise vanity metrics.

As our Amazon Voice partner, you get access to live dashboard reports that integrate multiple platforms so you can see for yourself the performance of your digital activities.

But as a digital agency focused on sales, the key output of our work is sales impact on your business, and we happily report on this too.

Amazon Voice Skill Package

As an Amazon partner, you have open access to all areas of our digital expertise.
Digital Strategy
Amazon Voice Mapping
Amazon Voice Recording
Amazon News Flash
Website Development

and more...

The Rise Of Voice

Amazon vs Google
Voice is the next big battle of the behemoths, and the voice-smart device is the weapon of choice. Google has voice search pretty much wrapped up, but Amazon is increasingly making gains away from online search. They have an increasing range of voice first products that are becoming more and more popular. Apple is too far behind, but they've just announced a Siri revamp.

What's the next move?

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