Marketing and Sales For Engineered Products

Forget traditional marketing for profitable growth. Aligning sales and marketing for engineered, complex products is proven to grow profits, reduce sales cycle time, and deliver the best of what you do.

Partner with Leadfreak to nail those sales results and remove that pressure.

If you're a sales person in an engineered product company, you'll recognise that the fate of your colleagues is on your shoulders... or it feels like that, anyway.

Manufacturing and engineering businesses place significant pressure on their bus. dev and sales teams to deliver against forecasts. Let us help relieve the load.

With over 10 years of experience on the front line of sales in engineering and manufacturing companies, we know what it's like to have to deliver against a growing sales forecast.

Executive management, aware of the consequences of not delivering, ramps up the pressure on its sales teams, forcing every opportunity and micro-managing every conversation.

But the great thing is, you make a specific product that fixes a specific problem for specific people. You know who you need to engage with and you can determine the value that your product delivers. Problem is, you can't do it all by yourself.

By enabling a smart marketing approach and blending with a value-first sales process, we can target, convert, and ultimately help those who need your solution.

Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

Marketing is a dirty word in B2B organisations. Leads are poor quality and expensive, but they can be game changing when done well. Sales is a pressured environment built on the back of relationships. A lack of process and an opportunity-first approach will limit your growth. Our success comes from taking the best of both worlds and blending them together.

Account Based Marketing

We market to the people you want to work with. Period.

Not only that, through our ABM approach we target the accounts you want to work with, selling the products and services you want to sell (aka your profitable products) with a value proposition designed for that segment.

A proven approach, used by the likes of CapGemini, Hitachi, GE, IBM, Brush, BT...

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Diagnostic Sales

We sell the value of your product. Not the subjective, pie-in-the-sky value, but the cold hard financial value.

By quantifying the Root Financial Value of your proposition, we use diagnostic selling to enable your customer to quantify the benefit to them using their own data.

For you, it now becomes a discussion on ROI rather than subjective purchasing decisions.

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Account Based Marketing

The rise of ABM in recent years has been dramatic. This isn't surprising seeing as 45% of those using ABM see more than double the ROI compared to more traditional approaches. As a complex product manufacturer selling to a defined market with a definitive solution, you're in prime position to leverage this scalable approach.





For those businesses effectively executing an Account Based Marketing strategy, there are a myriad of sales objective aligned results.

  • Pipeline Growth
  • Win Rate / Deals Closed
  • Revenue Growth per Client
  • Account Engagement
  • Total Revenue
Source: ITSMA Benchmark 2018

Let's pull together your sales-aligned ABM strategy

Diagnostic Selling

A core table stake in any B2B commercial discussion is acceptable price, but price is relative to value. Quantify the value in financial terms (Root Financial Value) for a specific prospect and your discussion changes. You're now in a leading position to close the deal. As a manufacturer of a problem solving product, numbers are easy to come by.

Prospect First

Seller Power

Shell Approved

Prospect First

With diagnostic selling, the prospect is the main priority.

It's not a matter of features and benefits, but the financial impact that making a change will bring on their organisation.

We create tools that enable your prospects to use their data to identify the impact on their business, making it a non-decision to buy.


You love making things, we love making things...

Data supports every decision we make and is the backbone of our digital strategy. We don't prioritise vanity metrics.

As our partner you get access to live dashboard reports that integrate multiple platforms, so you can see for yourself the performance of your digital activities.

With integrations such as Microsoft, Salesforce and Google Sheets, see how your digital activities and operations are impacting your revenue in real-time.


Your Sales Partner

Partner with Leadfreak to grow your pipeline, reduce sales cycle time, and increase profits.
Digital Strategy
Strategy formulation for account targeting and diagnostic value proposition.
Website Development
Contact lead data for target accounts using our AI led, 400m global B2B database.
Website Development
Value identification and diagnostic tool creation for campaign deployment
Digital Strategy
Sales and marketing alignment for consistent, transparent, and effective communication
Website Development
Multi-campaign planning, asset creation and execution to target accounts
Website Development
Live reports focused on business objectives and KPI performance of strategy

Case Study

Brush Aftermarket

Commissioned by Executive Director, David Byrne, Brush Aftermarket deployed an ABM strategy targeting a group of high profile, strategic accounts to demonstrate proof of concept.

Research was undertaken to identify key stakeholders within the organisation, and a systematic approach to campaign deployment was developed based on account positioning and qualitative insight.

Results were far better than expected. Within 6 months, orders placed from one account grew from £500k to £8m, with a much decreased sales cycle.

ABM is now fully deployed throughout.

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