Twitch definition:

Twitch is a platform that lets users broadcast live videos of themselves (also known as streaming) or view streams of others. In its early days, it was mainly used for streaming video games. However, since being snapped up by Amazon in 2014, a whole swathe of different genres have found popularity, too.

Twitch is a relatively new platform that was born out of the popularity of gamer content on sites like YouTube, and offers an attractive hub for Millennials and Generation Z users.

Twitch boasts over 100 million monthly active users and 2.2 million monthly streamers.

And some of these streamers gather hugely impressive audiences, some broadcasting to audiences of ten of thousands every day. Marketers can capitalise on these huge levels of engagement on Twitch using Influencer Marketing.

Twitch & Marketing:

Similar to the influencers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, marketers are starting to approach Twitch influencers to establish a marketing deal — meaning some of the platform’s biggest celebrities can endorse businesses and brands. The only difference is that on Twitch, these endorsements are live.

And through this novel platform, marketers can be more experimental with their campaigns. Examples could include product unboxing, shout outs, giveaways, competitions and much more, all with the influencer’s brand and personality woven in.

And though it may surprise you, Twitch users are pretty open to marketing. In fact, according to Twitch themselves, 82% of the platform’s users consider sponsorships to be good for the gaming industry, and 80% are open to their favourite influencers and streamers finding sponsorships.

This is clearly a platform worth keeping an eye on, and worth considering taking a step into if you’re looking to access the elusive Millenial and Gen Z market.

"The Twitch community loves watching video games, chatting, and broadcasting. The average viewer watches over an hour and a half of video each day. "

Emmett Shear (Founder)