Terminus definition:

Terminus is an account-based platform for marketing and sales, which is aimed at businesses who are operating using an account-based marketing (ABM) approach.

This means that instead of targeting a wide range of potential customers and hoping for an enquiry, the business instead singles out a small selection of potential buyers, and treats them like their own separate market.

This allows businesses to really tailor their marketing to that prospect, taking into consideration things like the target business’s size, market impact, needs and potential revenue. Terminus is a platform that lets you do all this from one comprehensive location.

Terminus - Leading G2 Crowd Review

Having already received investment from HubSpot and gaining recognition as g2crowd.com’s Leader in Winter 2019 for its positive user reviews in the Account Based Execution Software sector, Terminus is fast becoming recognised as one of the best ABM platforms available.

Here are some of its major features.

Account hub

Terminus makes it easy to compile information about your prospective leads, allowing you to create profiles of your target’s decisions team and easily identify any gaps in your marketing strategy. This also means your sales and marketing teams can make sure they’re on the same page, literally.

Account-based advertising

As you likely need to convince all the decision-makers of your target business’s team, it’s important to create your advertising campaigns around all of them. Terminus lets you run digital campaigns through platforms like Linkedin so you can seamlessly market to all of these individuals, even if they’re not already in your own database.

Sales insights

When running account-based marketing campaigns, it’s important not to jump the gun on pushing sales so you don’t alienate your leads. Terminus’s insights let you know how your prospects are interacting with your brand, and lets you know the best time to make the sale.

Account-based analytics

This feature means you can take a broad look at the impact your marketing efforts are having, and make changes to improve their performance. Terminus also allows you to keep track of the way your company’s revenue is being affected so you can tailor its services to your own unique needs as a business.

Advantages of using Terminus:

Live Results - Terminus allows users to see live engagement from their prospects on the website. This includes identifying the value of each page visit and utilising this information prior to calling the prospect.

Service - Terminus has an exemplary Customer Success team who will quickly and effectively help if you have any issues. Many reviews completed by users have recommended this aspect of Terminus.

Account Targeting - As with ABM strategies, we are looking to target many people within 1 company. Terminus allows you to do this. Really getting access at a granular level to make sure your message hits the mark.

Affordable - Terminus is relatively affordable and is classed as being in the 29th percentile of equivalent products in this class.

Disadvantages of using Terminus:

User Interface — A common theme in many reviews is that the user interface is not great. Words such as "clunky" have been used to describe their experience on this matter.

Data Inconsistency — There have been questions about the data consistency between platforms and what is reported by Terminus.

Time Delay — There is a 2-3 day delay when launching a new campaign, which needs incorporating into campaign strategies.

Reporting — The reporting function of Terminus has its limitations and the reports generated aren't flexible or detailed. Limited value in this area of the platform.

The people behind this platform are attuned to what B2B small and mid-sized businesses need to make ABM happen. Love the ability to target accounts at such a granular level and excited for the new capabilities post-Brightroll acquisition.
Noah L.