Pardot definition:

Pardot is marketing automation software provided by SalesForce, and is listed as the world’s current #1 customer-relationship management platform.

According to Pardot themselves, their customers “have seen sales revenue increase 34% and marketing effectiveness increase by 37%, on average.”

Pardot - Leading G2 Crowd Review
Here’s a rundown of some of its most prominent features:

Lead Generation

Pardot’s software works to make sure its users have a constant stream of high-quality leads coming into the platform. It also havs features that allow you to monitor their progress, and nurture them further down the funnel towards an ultimate sale by allowing users to create bespoke landing pages, lead forms, and search tools.

It can run paid Search and social campaigns and give potential customers a highly user-friendly experience, helping to make them feel comfortable when interacting with a brand. All of this runs from the same online platform, so you can keep everything in the same place.

ROI Reporting

One of Pardot’s best features allows users to monitor the performance of your marketing, and report on what’s working — and what’s not. This can help businesses to maintain a clear picture of where to make worthwhile investments with their time and money, and carefully plan the best methods of achieving their financial goals.

Artificial Intelligence

This innovative feature means that Pardot can help you access the right leads, at exactly the right time. It can assign each lead information about their persona, making sure to focus your marketing material to them during their most active hours in the day — especially useful when you’re marketing to multiple different locations in different timezones.

Advantages of using Pardot:

Pardot makes use of some of the most cutting-edge technology available, using artificial intelligence to create worthwhile leads to make the most out of your business’s time and money.

And its reporting is useful to help make sure you’re not wasting any money — it provides a clear breakdown of where you’re spending, so you can make smart decisions about where to focus your marketing efforts, and when.

Disadvantages of using Pardot:

To make use of all of Pardot’s powerful features, you’re going to require the full package, which can set you back up to $4,000 per month.

However, all of their packages come with up to 10,000 new leads each month, so the potential amount of leads it can help to produce doesn’t diminish with the price point.

It's certainly a platform for the enterprise business.

Overall Pardot is a good marketing tool. Compared to some more complex systems it is really simple to use and quite easy to setup and implement on your own with the really helpful step by step instructions. It's great because salesforce owns it so if you use the two systems, they are a great pair.
Natalie G.