Hubspot definition:

HubSpot, at its core, is a platform that helps its users to generate leads and sales growth. According to it has over 52,000 customers in over 100 countries, so if you’re in the marketing game then you’ve likely at least heard the name.

Hubspot - Leading G2 Crowd Review

It’s most well-known for its Customer-Relationship-Management (CRM) software, helping users to generate leads, manage contacts and advertising campaigns, and receive performance reports — but it’s capable of much more. It also offers SEO tools, landing pages, and even chatbot interfaces (which you can learn about through our blog.).

The complexities of the platform mean it can take a while to master, but many users report that it’s well worth investing the time. HubSpot even run their own academy to teach you how to capitalise on its potential.

To make things a bit clearer about what this could mean for you and your business, here’s a quick rundown of some of HubSpot’s most popular features:

Contact Management

HubSpot keeps all your client correspondence in one place. This means you can Keep track of any messages you send to prospective customers — so no more unchased leads or sending the same email twice.

Reporting Dashboards

You can keep track of how your sales and growth is going in real-time with HubSpot’s dashboards. And with its forecasting service, you can generate useful estimates about your company’s future sales.

Ad Management

If you run digital adverts on social media or search, Hubspot can help with that, too. You can manage your campaigns from one place and measure their results — it even integrates with Google Adwords and YouTube

Landing Pages

HubSpot has a feature that allows you to create customised landing pages, and optimise them towards better performance. This includes A/B testing, lead forms, and much more.

Advantages of using Hubspot:

Easy to use - HubSpot keeps all of your client correspondence and metrics in one place, so you won’t need to keep switching between platforms and your email platform.

Tailored - HubSpot reports and operates based on your existing marketing and sales strategies, and helps you to find better ways to implement them.

Effective - With so many tools at your disposal, HubSpot clearly know what they’re talking about. Their software has won awards for helping customers to achieve positive growth for their businesses, and it’s been ranked as one of’s Top 100 Software Products for 2019.

Affordable - HubSpot’s most basic tools are completely free, and always will be. This includes its award-winning CRM software. But it also offers increasingly advanced tools, depending on the size of your business.

Disadvantages of using HubSpot:

Complex — With such a wide range of tools at your disposal, the learning curve for all of them is quite steep. HubSpot do run their own Academy to help users make the most out of their platform.

Exclusivity — Some users feel that to really see the value in using HubSpot, you need to completely commit to it. This means that even if you might want to handle your client emails in your own way, you’ll still be paying for the service through HubSpot, with no flexibility to pick and choose services with your plan.


"What I LOVE about Hubspot is how it integrates with everything! Literally my coworker and I were strategizing and brainstorming about tools we would love to have in our arsenal and he says, "Let's see if Hubspot integrates with that or has an internal app for it." It did! I am so impressed by its versatility."

Frances W.