How Next Level Business established itself as the leading software accountant in the UK

Next Level Business are growth accountants with big growth goals of their own. They provide financial advisory and accountancy services to businesses with a growth mindset.

Next Level Business's Growth Goals

Here's what NLB wanted to achieve...


Establish themselves as the leading software accountants in the UK


Generate predictable SaaS industry leads for their advisory services


Identify & secure 50 new SaaS business clients within their financial year


Establish CEO Paul Layte as an authority in the SaaS industry RE growth


Improve average Monthly Recurring Revenue across the  client portfolio

How We Met Their Goals

Before partnering with Leadfreak, NLB had only really done stops and starts with their marketing.

They came to us because they knew they needed a comprehensive strategy — and the ability to execute that strategy — if they were to achieve their goal of becoming the leading software accountants in the UK.

With ambitous targets to hit they were ready to invest in their growth.

Watch CEO Paul Layte in action in this video.

Here's what we did for them:

We created a bespoke Account Based Marketing strategy for NLB that incorporated both a 1-to-1, and 1-to-many approach to achieving their financial goals.
Our 1-to-1 strategy was executed to increase MRR of NLB’s existing clients. It focused on specific value proposition creation and delivery for strategically important clients.
Our 1-to-many strategy focused on the SaaS segment. This involved identifying criteria and using our research team to identify the most beneficial accounts for us to target.
We built and executed a comprehensive brand marketing strategy that puts both Paul and NLB at the bleeding edge of SaaS growth advisory.
We created the NLB UK Software Survey as a tool to gather lead information, establish expertise, gather exclusive valuable content, and generate leads/sales.

The Results

Since partnering with Leadfreak, Next Level Business have had some exciting results across a short time frame. As growth partners it’s our job to continually push for more and more success for NLB, but here are some of our wins so far:


NLB is on track to exceed their yearly sales target compared to our lead forecast


100% more UK SaaS founders completed the UK State of SaaS survey than was expected


NLB’s engaged audience across social channels has grown by 3,000 SaaS founders


Paul Layte is now being recognised as a leading authority in the UK Software industry


Finalists in British Accountancy Marketing Award, fighting firms 100 times their size

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