How we boosted brand image and increased membership for the Institute of Paralegals

The IOP is a professional membership body that provides institutional services and connections to Paralegals within the UK and Hong Kong.

The IOP's Growth Goals

The Institute of Paralegals came to us with four main goals:


To improve the brand image of the IOP and become the leading Paralegal authority


To increase member numbers across 3 membership levels


To use simplify member management process and reduce management time


To improve the professional member experience across the Institute of Paralegals

How We Met Their Goals

The IOP platform was built on old, vulnerable infrastucture that didn’t deliver on the service expectations of the IOP and its members. They desperately needed a new web presence that could accomodate scaling whilst delivering a best-in-class user experience.

The IOP’s brand was also crying out for a refresh to bring it in line with their current mission and culture, and their internal processes needed re-writing to make use of time saving automation.

Finally, a digital strategy was needed to drive their member numbers.


Here's what we did for them:

We created a new brand that aligned with where the IOP wanted to be, what its mission was, and that reflected the culture of the organisation.

This was all created with brand guideline documentation in order to maintain consistency.

We redesigned and rebuilt the IOP website, incorporating best-in-class membership functions and improving the experience for new members.

We used story structure to design a site where every element across each page delivers value.

We rebuilt all of the IOP’s internal processes around member management to reduce management time and enable scalability of the institution.

We adopted best-in-class tech to deliver a simplified business ops structure to the IOP team.

We built and delivered a marketing and lead generation strategy that systematically drives new member growth using digital platforms.

And we built a strategy that collects and nurtures new leads with limited team input.

The Results

Our partnership with the IOP has allowed them to achieve their goals of improving brand image, boosting membership, and enabling scalability by reducing management time. Here’s what they’ve seen so far:


New member growth has increased by 20%


Management time has been reduced by 65%


Member acquisiton cost has been reduced by 45%


Member churn rate has been reduced by 75%

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