How we smashed the subscription targets of an online education platform

Fraser Stevens Learning is an 11+ exams tuition provider and publisher. Leadfreak had previously helped them to drive sales of their ’11+ in a Box’ product, and in 2018 they came back to us with the ambitious plan of turning it into a much more scalable online membership platform.

Fraser Stevens Learning's Growth Goals

FSL asked for our help in realising a number of challenging ideas that can be roughly narrowed down into four key goals:


To build an online learning platform consisting of thousands of video tutorials, downloadable study materials and online tests


To deliver an exciting and engaging launch campaign that would drive awareness of the new product and lead to pre-launch demand


To create and deliver an ongoing strategy for generating new customers at acceptable customer acquisiton cost levels


To establish FSL as leading experts within the 11+ industry based on customer testimonials, referrals, and search rankings

How We Met Their Goals

FSL knew that — in order to make their new service worthwhile — they had to create a platform superior in content and quality than other offerings on the market.

They also knew that they’d have to find a reliable way of getting people in front of it, and that they had neither the time or the knowledge to do these things alone.

After a previous successful partnership with Leadfreak, they knew they could trust us to deliver.

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Here's what we did for them:

Completed the transformation of a physical product into a more scalable online subscription service by developing and building a huge online 11+ resource membership platform.
Created and delivered a bespoke list-building and email marketing strategy to create a reliable pool from which to draw new customers.
Executed strategies surrounding social media, Google Ads and SEO to increase effective paid and organic traffic to the website.
Planned and delivered an extensive content and video marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and establish authority within the industry.
Created and executed a conversational marketing strategy incorporating a chatbot that assessed students’ suitability for sitting the exam, and directed users towards FSL’s products and resources.

The Results

Since partnering with Leadfreak and turning their services digital, Fraser Stevens Learning’s numbers have gone up and up. They now have an online product that is far superior both in quality and scalability than their previous physical offering, as well as a reliable method of exponentially increasing their audience and membership.


Full platform build within agreed deadline delivering vastly improved user experience


Beat initial launch target of 250 paid subscription members (onboarded 600 paid members)


Increased email marketing list from less than 200 to over 10000 people who are engaged with every month


Dramatically increased landing page views, session duration and downloads from new leads

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