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The Customer Journey to Online Purchase

If you have had the pleasure of sitting with us to discuss Digital Marketing then you’ll know that we talk a lot about the buyer journey. We think it’s one of the most important concepts when looking to bring in new business, or even to increase your sales existing customers.

In fact, our Leadfreak Infinity is really to show that one of our guiding principles in digital marketing is the buyer journey…it is that important.

If you’re interested, we recently wrote an article about how content can help to move prospects along the journey from Awareness stage to Purchase.

So as you can see, we’re mad on the buyer journey. But it seems that it’s not only us.

Based on statistical data, Google is now reporting which marketing activity performs best at different points in the customer journey.

It’s a great little interactive tool to give you some indication of what you might want to focus on to bring new sales to your business.

How the tool works:

Google, being Google, has a vast amount of data at its fingertips. Not just from searches using it’s search engine tool, but from Analytics, Adwords, Google Tag Manager, DoubleClick…and so on, and so on.

The point is that Google can track from initial search enquiries through to purchase, so they know what works. They know that at the point closest to purchase on the customer journey, email campaigns might be your best bet, depending on industry and size of business.

Within the tool you can change the country, the size of business and the service sector, to help you give you some pointers for your business.

And on top of that, Google provides some segmentation reporting that allows you to drill down on specific campaign types to see how they can be used on the customer journey.

There are some limitations to the tool. The statistical data used only allows for broad classifications…so if you’re a security service provider for commercial properties, then you’re looking at the “Business & Industrial” industry…and as Digital Marketers for businesses, we’d be looking at the same.

Praise where praise is due though, the tool gives a nice indication of what could work for you. So I recommend having a play with it.

What next?

The customer journey is what Leadfreak is focused on every day.

We employ many different strategies to identify people who are on the journey, transitioning them to the next stage of their journey, and ultimately converting them to high valued customers.

Once you’ve had a go with the tool, speak to us and see how we can apply some of our methodologies to your business.

We’re happy to sit with you and give you some ideas on how we can make Digital work for your business.

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