What If I Hire Leadfreak and I Don’t See Results?

What If I Hire Leadfreak and I Don’t See Results?

This week, we’re doing our best to answer one of the most awkward questions that agencies like ours get asked by potential customers.

“How do I know that you guys will actually do what you say you can do?”

In other words, people want to know whether or not we’re full of s***.

Before I answer that question, let me ask you this one first:

What’s the Main Thing That Puts You Off From Buying Something Online?

I wouldn’t mind betting that the answer is some variation of ‘I don’t want to be sold a lemon’.

Nobody likes feeling stupid.

Nobody wants to be the guy who buys a shiny-looking second-hand car, only to have it conk out half a mile away from the dealership.

It’s even worse when you’re buying online.

When you’re online, everyone is trying to sell you something. Not all of the products or services being pushed on to you will be useful to you, and hardly any of them live up to the shiny promises made about them by marketers. Some of them are downright scams, and never even existed in the first place.

When you do finally come across something online that you’re interested in buying, that’s when things get really confusing. There are usually at least 100 different options all promising you the same thing, so sorting the wheat from the chaff is tough.

At Leadfreak, we’re no different. There are literally thousands of businesses promising very similar things to what we are. How are you supposed to know which of us can deliver?

The Leadfreak buying process is usually reasonably long (we sure as heck don’t expect you to hire us after just a quick look online), but that doesn’t mean people don’t still have the same reservations about being sold something that is ultimately useless.

Before people decide to come on board with us, they usually have all sorts of questions. Mostly, however, the crux of these questions boils down to one thing. The question people really want to ask is:

“If I hire Leadfreak, how do I know that I’m not wasting my money?”

People tend to feel awkward about asking this question, so they usually dance around it with several other less blunt queries.

The truth is, though, that you shouldn’t feel bad about asking this question.

We’re asking for your money – money that you worked hard for. You have every right to question what you’ll get in return.

Now, it’s easy for any company to make promises at this point. It would be easy for me to launch into the sales pitch right now and start throwing around reasons why we’re so great. But there’s a problem with that.

The problem is the little voice in your head that interrupts when I’m saying these things:

“Well, of course they say that. They want my money! How do I actually know they’ll deliver?”
“Maybe the case study has been beefed up… Maybe the testimonials are fake…”

At this point we usually point people in the way of case studies and examples of other customers that we’ve worked for.

There’s no denying that case studies and testimonials are amazing for business, and they go a huge distance in providing the social proof that many people need to feel confident enough to sign our proposal.

Case studies and testimonials pretty much always quiet the nagging voice that puts people off signing, but they don’t always silence it.

“How do I know that Leadfreak’s service will work specifically for MY business?”

Even if you’re pretty convinced by the social proof on offer, it’s still hard to be sure how that service will translate into your unique business.

Potential customers find themselves asking:

Promises, case studies, and testimonials aside, there’s really only one straight answer to that question.

Q: Why should I trust Leadfreak to do what they say they’re going to do?

A: Because we need this to work as much as you do.

Honestly, when it comes down to it, it really is that simple.

"Why should you trust Leadfreak to do what they say they're going to do? Because we need this to work as much as you do!"

Winning clients is great, but retaining them is what really keeps our business afloat.

We work on a monthly subscription basis. If you don’t see value or results from what we’re doing, you cancel the contract. We rely on the money coming in from our monthly paying customers to pay our staff, our overheads, to keep our lights switched on. We’re a small team. If we lose even one client, it makes a big dent. You can bet your life we’ll be putting everything into making sure you see results.

Of course, there’s more to it than the above.

At Leadfreak, We Create a Nurturing Relationship With Our Clients. It’s Not a One-Night Stand.

I’m not promising that you’ll see results immediately after hiring us. In fact, in most cases I can guarantee that you won’t.

Our funnels take time to build and put into place. Once the framework is in place, it takes time for enough data to roll in for us to start reliably measuring metrics. Once we can measure the metrics, that’s when we start tinkering and tweaking to make sure your customer’s sales journey is as seamless and as effective as possible.

Our service is not a quick fix. We focus on the entire buyer journey, from initial lead gathering to purchase, value ascension to advocacy.

We look to maximise lifetime value and minimise cost of acquisition.

We have a proven process and we follow it every time… for good reason. It works.

If you want quick but ultimately short term results for creating leads or driving traffic to your site, there are a ton different options you can throw your money at. That’s not what we do.

We need to help you to build a relationship with your customers, and good relationships take time to build. There are plenty of other companies offering a one-night stand.

When Leadfreak brings a new customer on board, we are in it for the long haul. Our goal is to become ‘growth partners’ with our clients. There’s absolutely no question that we are dedicated to growing your business.

After all, doing so is how we grow our own business.

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