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The Leadfreak Mission

I was lucky enough to take a sabbatical from Leadfreak at the end of 2018 after 2 and a half years of 14 hour days. Days filled focusing on helping clients, creating financial stability, process creation, and team building.

But much like Dave Cancel, CEO of Drift, who also recently took a sabbatical from work, it wasn’t a month of doing nothing but one of reflection, personal development, and future mapping.

So, what did I take away from my time out of the business?

Business goes on...

As any startup founder, MD, entrepreneur, will tell you, there’s a common misconception that without them the business will stop. One of the most important things I learnt was that Leadfreak continues without me needing to be involved in every decision, every conversation, and every bit of work… the team can handle it.

A big shout-out to Leadfreak Services Director Luke Thomas, who led the way with our clients.

Coming back, I know that I can focus on leading the business to where we want it to be, bringing in new clients, and ensuring that the work we do is at the cutting edge of B2B marketing.

Our Mission...

If you have read our investigation into today’s B2B buyer, you will see that 70% of those involved in the B2B buying process are Millenials.

It’s the same on our side, the majority of skills we need are held by millenials.

Multiple surveys of this demographic have consistently highlighted the need to strive to achieve a mission in both professional and personal environments.

During my time away I took a step back, and realised that being so deeply ingrained into the day-to-day of Leadfreak we’d not clarified what our "Why" was. Our mission. What we’re trying to achieve.

Shout out to Simon Sinek and his book Start With Why.

So, I spent focused, mindful time personally reviewing what it was that motivated me and how this reflected onto the type of business Leadfreak should be.

And we now have a super clarified "Why" that the team is fully bought into.

“We want to do good in the world, and subsequently, to achieve this en masse, we need to give our clients the freedom to innovate and do good in the world.”

And how does what we do align to our why?

“We believe that innovation leads to creative solutions that solve problems in the world, but we also know that as soon as sales results do not align to sales forecasts… innovation dies.”

With our expertise in sales, marketing, and marketing technology, we can help make sure companies meet those forecasts (at a minimum). Ultimately, innovation thrives.

Our Values...

Studies show that one of the most important factors for a company when hiring the best people is to have values that align to those of the individuals. If your values resonate, motivation remains high, you benefit from seeing the best work that any individual can do, and you remain focused on achieving your goals.

This is also reflected on the client side.

We want to work with organisations who believe what we believe. Stronger partnerships are formed, relationships remain robust, and communication is fluid.

Following on from identifying the Why, I took this one step further and wanted to detail how it is we work, what we believe in, and in a form that is easily communicated to all involved.

So, if you’d allow me to indulge in sharing this with you, here goes…

We believe in being market-driven, not marketing drive

In the words of Seth Godin, being market-driven is immersing yourself into your target market, rather than disregarding market communication for clever marketing hacks.

We believe in being partners and being partner integrated

Leadfreak does its best work when being ingrained in our clients business. So, we sit in our client’s office, we speak to their team, and we align ourselves with their business objectives.

We believe in committing to our clients success

Your success is our success. We’re committed to delivering success rather than deliver on a strictly transactional basis.

We believe every organisation is different

One size fits all approaches to sales and marketing don’t work. We view each business in singularity and work towards their business objectives.

We believe marketing should always deliver measurable ROI

Marketing should be aligned to business objectives, and we can track marketing effectiveness in line with these objectives to showcase ROI. If ROI isn’t part of the conversation you’re missing a huge component of success.

We believe in liberation through education and motivation

Organisations don’t want to rely on 3rd parties in perpetuity. We want to educate our clients so they have the choice to do things themselves, and motivate them to perform their best work.

We believe transparency breeds quality

Transparency in delivery of work, transparency in communication, and transparency of intentions leads to best in class outputs.

We believe in our value through our expertise

Our skills and expertise helps many organisations and we take huge value from that. We must continue to lead at the front line, and trust that our research combined with application experience will lead the way for our clients.

So, since I’ve been back, I’ve been busy implementing these new developments throughout the organisation, communicating this to clients, and living according to our mission.

I’ll be communicating how our mission and values are firmly rooted in our business and some of the results coming from this through our social channels.

Join us on our journey.


I appreciate that this appears to be a very self focused article, but it’s been bubbling inside of me and I needed to get it out.

I hope you take value from our structure and it inspires you to reflect on your own business in the same way.

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MD of Leadfreak, Alex Thackray likes to spend time speaking with clients, solving problems, and getting results. With a background in complex sales, B2B industries, and lecturing at Aston University, he enjoys the commercially focused creativity that Leadfreak brings.

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