News: Next Level Business wins prestigious marketing award

We’re proud to announce that our client, Next Level Business, have been nominated as finalists in two prestigious accountancy awards.

So, first of all… A huge congratulations to Paul Layte, the Next Level Business team, and the guys here at Leadfreak who helped deliver industry recognised quality of work.


Award #1: Content Marketing Campaign of the Year Award, Accountex

As a sales and marketing aligned agency, this award sits close to home for us. If you don’t know, Accountex is the biggest accountant conference in the UK, attended to by over 10,000 accountancy linked personnel, they host their own awards each year - The British Accounting Marketing Awards.

Next Level Business achieved the Content Marketing Campaign of the Year award following the extremely successful Dragons Den campaign that was executed on throughout 2018.

The Dragons Den campaign focused on one of their clients who achieved global success following their appearance on Dragons Den and being invested in by none other than Deborah Meaden.

So, following this, we created a campaign that told their story and the transformation of the business since working with Next Level Business with the objective of increasing incoming leads.

Our videographers shot lots of video footage, our graphic designers created a myriad of images, our copywriters, well, they wrote compelling copy… we sent emails, ran social campaigns, created multiple layers of content...etc, etc.

To great success. Next Level Business grew as a result of the new business generated by the Dragons Den campaign.

After all that, it’s great to see everyone’s hard work being recognised.


Award #2: Small Firm of the Year, Accounting Excellence

Small Firm of the Year award from Accounting Excellence is a big deal. It’s one of the hardest awards to pick up, because of the number of competitors all pushing to win. It’s a tough market trying to win new clients, and it’s tough to win the awards that go with it.

But, Next Level Business have shown their dedication to servicing their clients and producing some excellent work along the way.

Now, we probably don’t sing and dance about this enough, but we believe in maximising the effectiveness of assets, in a digital sense this includes your website.

We’ve been working with Next Level Business for some time now on the back end of their business, ensuring that their website delivers as a functional tool as well as a sales tool.

From building 24/7 client service functionality, dedicated client account channels, premium content account areas, client data dashboards, and multiple platform integration links… we’ve touched heavily into the world of service delivery.

We’re helping Next Level Business push the boundaries of what accountancy services look like.


Next Level Business is the UK leading Growth Accountant. 

They work with businesses with a growth mindset, growth being relative to the type of growth you’re looking to achieve, helping you succeed in delivering on your goals. 

We sincerely believe they are extraordinary at what they do, and if you’re looking for ways to improve your business then we recommend you get in touch with Paul and the team.

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