Case Study: how we helped a Home Based Learning business generate 5k in monthly revenue from scratch

From ZERO to HERO: A Home Based Learning Success Story

When FSL came to us, they had a great product that wasn’t selling. They’d spent ages building this awesome Home Based Learning Programme for school-aged kids, but they just didn’t know how to get it on front of the right people.

The business owners had been in the private tuition market for years, and were experts in their field. Whilst they were great business owners, neither of them had any marketing experience due to the fact they’d always previously been able to rely on word of mouth.

“When we started out, we had literally zero clue about marketing. We’d spent ages creating this great product, so we kind of thought that all we had to do was build a website and a Facebook page, then wait for the masses to flock. Unsurprisingly, that didn’t happen…”

FSL started throwing cash at things like Facebook ads, boosted posts and expensive video shoots.

Before they knew it, they’d spent a few thousand pounds, but were yet to see results.

After a disappointing few months of initial sales, they asked Leadfreak to help.

And then things started to happen.

Leadfreak and FSL developed a plan that involved them working together to build awareness, engagement, and ultimately sales for their business.

Here are just some of the things we’ve done with FSL so far:


Customer Persona Development

As I said before, FSL were already experts in their field. They knew their product like the back of their hand, and they already had a good idea who their customer was due to their many years working in the private education sector.

Getting it on paper and really nailing down their customer personas, however, proved instrumental to building our strategy from then on.

“I’ll admit that I turned my nose up at the whole ‘customer persona’ thing at first. I thought it would be a bit of a waste of time. I thought I already had a clear enough idea of who we were targeting and that creating this fictional ‘character’ was a bit of a gimmick. I was totally wrong, though. Now we have our detailed personas, we make sure that everything we do is done with that specific person in mind. This actually saves us time because we’re not creating anything that our customers won’t find valuable.”

If you’d like a customer persona workshop with Leadfreak, book a call now.

Or, you can have a go yourself with our detailed customer persona worksheet.

Content Marketing

All businesses should be taking advantage of content marketing. It’s especially beneficial, however, to small businesses with lower budgets.

The FSL’s expertise in their field, Leadfreak’s marketing know-how, and a crystal-clear customer persona all combined to create a powerful content marketing strategy that built awareness and loyalty to their brand.

We discussed what kinds of questions FSL’s potential customers would want answers to, and set out to answer them in a series of blog posts. This provided value, and showcased FSL’s expertise to visitors to their blog.

For those same customers, we thought about what sort of problems we might be able to provide solutions to. That discussion prompted FSL to create and promote monthly free educational resources, which caused traffic to their site to soar.

FSL chose to write and create the vast majority of their content themselves; mostly because of budget.

“I’m not going to lie; writing a blog post is often the last thing I feel like squeezing in to an already busy week. But the stats don’t lie either; it’s clear from our results that it’s totally worth it. I also find that a lot of my posts end up writing themselves. A customer will ask me a question and I’ll think, ‘Ooh! I should write an article about that.’”

Leadfreak can take care of your content marketing for you, but we always recommend that businesses give as much input as possible when it comes to generating ideas. After all; you’re the experts.

Now let’s get on to the bread and butter of what Leadfreak does for businesses…

Sales Funnel Builds


FSL had been going wrong by trying to convert cold leads directly into paid customers.

People need warming up, however.

In order to get someone to buy your product, you need to develop a relationship with them. You also have to show them some value before you jump right in and ask them to give you their money.

To address this, we designed and built a few different funnels for FSL. These funnels moved potential customers through the sales process in a totally automated way.

You can see in the image above how this was structured and follows the same structure that we talk about in Episode 2 of LeadSpeak.

These funnels were supported by:

  • An indoctrination email series with additional downloads
  • A funnel stage email sequence

Once built, these funnels continued to work their magic in the background. This left FSL free to concentrate on continually improving their products, rather than devoting too much time to sales.

Here are some other things we did:

Adwords Campaigns

Leadfreak set up and ran various campaigns on Adwords for FSL:

“I’ll admit it: I still have no idea how Adwords work. Leadfreak does all of that for us and shows us the results on a monthly basis, which really have been great considering our pretty meagre budget.”

Facebook Ad Campaigns

We’ve used all sorts of different types of Facebook Ads for FSL to really drive those gains in conversion rates:

  • Text Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Dynamic Product Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Messenger Chatbots
  • Canvas Ads

FSL were using Facebook a lot before Leadfreak came along (and throwing a lot of money at it, too), but the problem was that they weren’t targeting their audience carefully enough.

We created a three-tier audience portfolio for them:

  • Subjective (based on the customer persona)
  • Behaviour-based
  • Retargeting

Once we’d done that, we could then apply them to different regions to create a larger targeting audience.

Email Campaigns

With all of the above efforts, FSL quite quickly developed a pretty hefty email list.

To make the best use of this, we developed and ran a monthly email campaign. This campaign contains a mixture of information and promotional content in order to drive sales in FSL’s online shop.

The Results…


Revenue for FSL has grown year-on-year, profits have grown year-on-year, and FSL are more than happy with how their business is continuing to grow.

We’re tracking the results we’re getting to make sure we deliver profitable and sustainable growth, whilst always looking to reduce Customer Acquisition Cost.

As a by product, we’re also generating results for the face to face tuition side of the business. The work we’re doing is showcasing FSL as the credible experts they are.

Don’t take it from us, though:

“We hit £5k in monthly revenue in January. That’s starting from zero a couple of years ago. Our email list has grown to nearly 3000 people, mainly because of us offering those free resources. To say that we’re happy with how things are going is an understatement.”

If you want Leadfreak to do the same for your business, book a call now.

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