7 Reasons To Automate Your Sales

7 Reasons Why You Need To Automate Your Sales

We run through 7 quick reasons why you might want to automate and digitise your sales funnel...

1. To refocus your sales team on conversions

Automated sales strategies aren’t a replacement of your human sales team, they’re incredibly important to your business. What an automated sales strategy will do is allow your sales team to focus on conversions rather than lead generation. A sales manager should only be speaking to engaged, informed, hot prospects. It becomes less about selling and more the logical next step.

2. To reduce customer acquisition cost

Each stage of the customer journey will have a conversion rate, meaning only a portion of those will proceed from one stage to the next. The earlier your sales team are involved in the sales process, the more each customer acquired costs. This cost reduces your profitability and ability to grow. Using an automated sales strategy, you can reduce the customer acquisition cost by converting more with less input.

3. To remove customer acquisition cost

Our goal for each of our clients is to reach a neutral customer acquisition cost, and at best, make a profit per customer acquisition. Automated sales strategies allow us to do that by creating customers of lower value early in the customer journey. An incremental step to becoming a core product customer, but one that allows you to maximise profitability, or spend more on attracting greater numbers of prospects.

4. To cost effectively build awareness, trust, credibility, & expertise status

A large challenge for any sales team is to build brand awareness, trust and credibility, at cost effective levels. Automated sales strategies enable that to happen by delivering value based on prospect behaviours. We can target specifically against prospects interests and interactions, delivering value that meets their specific needs, and creating prospects that see you as credible, trusted experts within the industry.

5. To increase the lifetime value of your customers

Automated sales strategies are not only for converting new customers, but are used effectively to increase the lifetime value of each customer. Through automated value delivery based on customer behaviour and interactions, we can deliver associated value that continues to drive engagement, excitement, and high level products / services that meet their needs.

6. To increase referral leads

Automated sales strategies deliver value at all stages of the customer journey, and continue to do so once a prospect converts into a customer. Our systems play the long game, we look to create loyal brand advocates who will send referral leads to your business. Our automated strategies can incorporate referral programmes that deliver value for each referral received. Remember, a referral sourced customer is the most cost effective for your business, not only removing cost but increasing virality and profitable scaling.

7. To improve your competitiveness and beat the competition

Once the automated sales strategy is in place, we turn to optimisation to make sure our processes convert at a higher level. This increased conversion leads to more customers at lower cost, giving you the resources to spend more to drive more prospects to your business. Your competitors won’t be able to keep up.

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