5 videos you need to watch to realign sales and marketing

5 Videos That Will Convince You to Align Your Sales and Marketing Teams

We bang on about sales and marketing alignment a lot. But don’t just take our word for it.

Here are five videos that will show you how much it hurts your business when your sales and marketing departments don’t talk to each other, and the steps you can take to sort it out FAST.

1. Gary Vaynerchuk: Sales vs Marketing

You know you can trust Gary Vee to tell it how it is.

This is the video that will light a fire under the asses of your sales and marketing teams. If these two departments are still at loggerheads within your business, these three minutes will give them a good shake.

The best thing about this video is how neither side gets off lightly. Vaynerchuk is equally critical of both the sales and marketing department, and acknowledges the very real strengths, weaknesses and differences between them.

However, instead of using these differences to add yet more fuel to the fire of the sales vs marketing battle, Gary Vee uses them to highlight how crucial it is for them to work together:

“Salespeople… nobody is giving you any credit for the set up. Marketing person… you’re only getting credit for the set up. Both of you need to desperately deploy empathy to the other party.”

Vaynerchuk ends the video by pointing the finger at the head of sales and the head of marketing, calling it out as their responsibility to create alignment between their two departments.

If you’re still struggling to create alignment between your sales and marketing teams, this is the video that will finally get the conversation started.

2. Neil Patel and Eric Siu: How to Get Sales and Marketing to Work Together

This video is a great next step after Gary Vaynerchuck’s initial tirade about the divide between sales and marketing has you primed and ready for action.

In this short episode of ‘Marketing School’, Eric Siu and Neil Patel give some practical advice for creating solid alignment between your sales and marketing teams.

In particular, they stress the need for sales and marketing to ‘get in the room’ together to talk about their missed opportunities, how they can help each other, and how automation can be used to solve the problems that are causing those opportunities to be missed.

They hit the nail on the head when it comes to the main reason for the animosity between sales and marketing:

Profit Growth Calculator
“Sales reps will give marketing a ton of feedback and most of it’s useless, and marketing will tell sales how to do their job better, but the marketing guys don’t know how to sell.”

Look at the data.

Data will show you – without bias – where the problems are, and will lead you to the solutions that will fix them.

3. Management Skills Courses: Sales and Marketing – What’s the Difference?

This video is from 2014 and is a little drier than the others on this list, but it gives a really important overview of how crucial it is for sales and marketing to work together.

It’s basically a good alternative to Gary Vaynerchuk’s ‘Sales vs Marketing’, if you’re not a fan of his somewhat colourful use of language.

This video describes the whole journey from marketing to sales, showing clearly why it’s so important that sales and marketing work together to produce a cohesive message:

“Sales and marketing must work closely together to give the consumer a joined up message, and ensure the company can deliver what it promises.”

It also ends with suggested exercise for creating marketing and sales collaboration within your business, which is a great way to kick your own plan into action

4. LinkedIn Presents the Future of Sales and Marketing Alignment

This video brings together some of the biggest names in the industry to get their take on why sales and marketing alignment is so vital.

If you’ve still got people dragging their heels within your company, this is the video that will show them just how many bigwigs disagree with them:

“Marketing done well does sales.” – Heidi Cohen, Chief Content Officer, Actionable Marketing Guide
Customer Persona Worksheet
“The idea of alignment… strikes me as weird, because not being aligned seems shockingly stupid.” – Doug Kessler, Creative Director, Velocity Partner

This video also ends with a link to download a LinkedIn guide called ‘THE POWER COUPLE: How Sales and Marketing Alignment Makes Your Business Unstoppable’, which contains a lot great insight for creating collaboration within your business.

5. Wes Schaeffer at TEDx: The Next Stage in Sales, Marketing and Communication

Wes Schaeffer is the owner of sales and marketing firm The Sales Whisperer, and goes by the motto of “Life’s too short for follow-up calls”.

At around eighteen minutes, this is a longer watch than the others, and is much broader in its content matter. It’s really more of a history of sales and marketing, which makes it an excellent summary of where sales and marketing came from, and where it’s going.

Schaeffer starts with the Churchill quote:

“The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.”

By understanding a bit more about the history behind sales and marketing, you’ll be able to see a much clearer picture of how you can grow and align these departments within your own business.

To End…

Creating alignment between sales and marketing is what we do, and we can do it for your business.

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