Become a Leadfreak Accountancy Partner

You want to grow your practice and provide exceptional services to your clients.
We'll give you an unfair advantage with our dashboard reports, training, events and support.

Partner with Leadfreak to power your practice's growth.

Growing your accountancy practice is a difficult task. Advisory services are lucrative but hard to scale, and take a certain client mindset to adopt. Compliance services are ten a penny with relatively low margin and a saturated market.

So what's the easiest way to grow?

Leadfreak's Accountancy Partner Programme gives you access to an additional revenue stream and helps you grow your practice.

Let's get down to the brass tacks (or tax in your case). As a Leadfreak Accountancy Partner, you receive income for every bit of work we do for your referred clients. 10% of monthly spend in fact.

But that's not all. With our programme, we'll build your credibility and use your expertise to drive new customers to your practice.

Whether you’re a new practice or a seasoned pro, Leadfreak’s Accountancy Partner Programme helps you deliver value for your clients and grow your business — every step of the way.

It's Not Just About Marketing

Just as we’re passionate about creating powerful sales aligned campaigns, we’re equally passionate about empowering and supporting our accountancy partners. Aside from marketing, we give you the guidance, support, and training to help your practice and its clients grow and succeed. Here’s how a partnership with Leadfreak can help your practice improve its client engagements…

Increase Revenue Per Client

Change Client Mindset

Improve Client Retention

Increase Revenue Per Client

You are no longer limited by the services you provide. As a partner, you receive 10% of referred client orders with us, which means your profit per client is greatly improved at no cost.

We also increase your advisory work by engaging in pricing, sales, and marketing aligned coaching.


You love numbers, we love numbers...

Data supports every decision we make and is the backbone of our digital strategy. We don't prioritise vanity metrics.

As our accountant partner you get access to live dashboard reports that integrate multiple platforms so you can see for yourself the performance of your digital activities.

With integrations such as Xero and Google Sheets, see how your digital activities and operations are impacting your revenue in real-time.


The Accountancy Partnership

Become a Leadfreak accountancy partner today and get an unfair advantage with our partner benefits package.
Digital Strategy
10% order value from all client work completed with Leadfreak. No caps, no time frame.
Website Development
A programme of events and workshops hosted at your premises for your clients.
Website Development
10% discount on all Leadfreak services undertaken by your practice.
Digital Strategy
A free 10 page, live dashboard report custom built for your accountancy practice
Website Development
Co-branded marketing between our organisations to your clients (we'll do all the work)
Website Development
Access to our accountancy community to enable you to engage with your peers.

Case Study

Next Level Business

Next Level Business are pushing at the boundaries of accoutancy and advisory services. An innovative practice always looking to maximise the growth potential of their clients.

Since becoming a Leadfreak partner, Next Level Business have endeavoured to engage with us to expand their clients capabilities in line with their business objectives.

As a result, they've grown their revenue base rapidly through increasing recurring income from their existing portfolio and grown their average entry price from new clients.

Partner with Leadfreak to power your practice's growth.