"People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care"

Our Mission

We want to do good in the world. Period.

To achieve this en masse, we need to give our clients the freedom to innovate and do good in the world.

We believe...

...in being market-driven, not marketing driven
...in being partners and being partner integrated
...marketing should always deliver measurable ROI
...in liberation through education and motivation
...in committing to our clients success
...every organisation is different
...transparency breeds quality
...in our value through our expertise

Meet The Founder


Alex Thackray

Alex Thackray is the Leadfreak founder, MD, and chief strategist for our clients. Alex has worked in the sales and strategy side of business for 15 years, delivering YoY growth across multiple regions in excess of 70%, selling complex engineered products and services.

Business is a passion for Alex, and on completion of his MBA at Aston University has lectured upcoming MBA students on the topic of B2B sales & marketing, and is involved in the local Chamber of Commerce.

Little fact, Alex's home town (Holmfirth) is the home of long running tv series Last Of The Summer Wine.

"Leadfreak executes innovative marketing strategies for companies that sell complex products. Basically, we get sales for products difficult to talk about."

Business For Good


We're proud supporters of the B1G1 Business For Good initiative. A way for businesses to contribute towards projects delivering positive impact around the world.

So, first, join.

Second, for each new client we onboard, we help fund a Social Entrepreneur in a developing country.

And, for each project we complete, we donate meals and clothing to UK victims of homelessness.