About Us

We're here to get you sales

Our Mission

To blend our experience in sales and SME growth with creativity and innovation, in order to provide businesses with the most powerful digital sales strategies.

Where we came from

We’ve got a history of building businesses from the ground up, but here’s what came before that.

Before he founded Leadfreak, Alex Thackray was EMEA Sales Director for a large engineering firm leveraging his Engineering Degree and his MBA. He developed a logical, process-driven, digital approach to sales that delivered results. Experienced in managing the pressure of numbers and targets, Alex is predominantly sales orientated. He left in 2016 to apply his model to other businesses through Leadfreak.

You’ll never hear us use the word ‘marketing’. Too much of marketing is subjective and has no focus on measuring ROI. We deal in data, we deal in results. We deal in sales.

A year or so later, his business owner wife, Emma, jumped ship from her company and added her own experience to the Leadfreak pot. With her background firmly rooted in the arts compared to Alex’s in sales and engineering, they could hardly come from more different skill sets. However, both have experience in building separate businesses from scratch, and now use their individual talents to run an agency that blends logic and process with creativity and innovation.

Our Values

We are in pursuit of having a net positive impact on the world.
We want to put game-changing products in front of people who will genuinely benefit from them.
We focus on providing real value to real people.

We Support...

Our passion for having a positive impact also extends to our charity work; each month we make sure we reserve time to offer our services to worthy local causes.
TTB is a local group focused on sustainability and encouraging the community away from fossil fuel dependence. We volunteer to help at their events and create publicity materials such as flyers, posters and videos.
People Not Borders is a wonderful charity that goes above and beyond the call of duty to raise money for refugees. The women who run it work tirelessly and selflessly, but we help out where we can by providing some of our digital skills.

Who We Want To Work With

We want to work with people who are after more than the odd email campaign or a touch of social media marketing.

Isolated marketing campaigns won’t be successful without a solid, holistic digital strategy, and we’re not in the business of wasting your time or your money.

Instead, we want to work with people who are keen to be our growth partners. People who recognise the shifts in their industry and who respond not by digging their heels into the ground, but with the relish of a new challenge.

We want people who appreciate creativity and innovation, but also cold, hard data.

Is that you?


Case Study

illapa Cloud
We've been working with illapa Cloud from the start of their journey. Nothing beats rapid growth like a well informed team, experienced in their industry, a great idea, and an ambition to change the world. With the illapa team that is what we got.