About Us

Leadfreak is made up of a ragtag team of individuals, each with different skillsets, personalities, and things that make us tick. Some of us are big-hitting sales people, and some of us are the more furtive creative types. Every one of us, however, has a key thing in common, and that’s an unwaveringly positive and slightly freakish obsession with helping businesses to succeed.

The old ‘one half of businesses will fail within the first five years’ adage hangs over all our heads, but it’s Leadfreak’s mission to banish the doom and gloom and remove as much of the sales stress of small to medium businesses as possible.

We could happily bore you to the brink of insanity with in depth analyses and industry jargon regarding automated sales funnels and customer value optimisation (and hopefully one day soon we will!) but – when it comes down to it – really what we want is to help you to engage more customers, deliver more value, and make more sales.

We are drawn to the buzz, passion and endless creativity of business, and we want yours to thrive. Allow us to help.